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June 2011:

I have acquired a large quantity of timetables in recent months, including multiple copies of many issues.  In an effort to find new homes for as many items as possible, I am in the process of discounting these items.  First, I am reducing the price on them, and secondly, I am making them eligible for discounts of up to 50%, based on the order total.  Some items will be priced as low as $3.00, which means they could be as low as $1.50 with the maximum discount.

For the details on the discount levels and coupon codes required, please see my Discount information page.  If anything there is not clear, don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.

Most of these timetables are US issues from the 1980's and newer, although there will be some non-US items being discounted as well, most from the 1990's and newer.

I am in the process of changing thousands of items to make them eligible for the discounts.  I will also be adding many more timetables to the site in the coming weeks.

May 2011:  I am working on some design changes that I hope will make it easier to navigate and view the items in my store.

  • On the Results page (where multiple items are displayed by category or based on a search) I have changed the layout from 3 across to 1 across.  I will be adding some additional information to those results listings, and didn't want to create a "cluttered" appearance.
  • I have added the option to change the number of items per page from the default (21).  Users can select 25, 50, 100 or 200 items per page.  Obviously, the more items per page, the longer the page requires to load, and the more scrolling that has to be done to view the items.  However, that also means clicking through fewer pages to find the items of interest.  Changing the items per page does have a few idiosyncrasies.  If you change the "Sort By", then change the "Items per Page", the "Sort By" will revert to "Newest".  (So change the "Items per Page" count first.)  "Sort By" and "Items per Page" changes are only in effect for the current category or search, and changing to a new category or search causes both to revert to default values.  Lastly, the "Items per Page" selection will always show the lowest value even if a higher one has been selected (although the number of items being displayed will reflect the chosen value).
  • Items which are out of stock will be indicated on the Results page.  (I.e., it will be apparent before clicking on the item only to find that it is unavailable.)  I only leave items in this state until I can determine if I have any additional copies of that particular item.  If so, I restock it in the store, otherwise, I change the item to no longer display.
  • I will be making a number of items discountable in the near future.  On the Results page, any item that qualifies for a discount will be noted as such.  (A lot of US material from the 80's and newer will fall into this category.)  More info on this soon.

Please let me know if you haev any problems with the changes to the site, or if you have any comments, suggestions, etc.

I currently have over five thousand timetables listed on the site, and have many more to add.  If there is anything in particular you are interested in, feel free to email me at

I will be adding other airline-related items such as ticket jackets, annual reports and playing cards at a later date.

You may browse the listings by category, or by the date added (using the subcategories under the "Items Added" category) in order to only see the most recently added items.

You do not need to "register" with the site to make a purchase, however, registering will eliminate the need to re-enter your shipping information on future orders.  Registering will not cause you to be added to an email list, you will only receive emails as related to orders you have placed or questions you have asked.

If you would like to receive updates of newly added items, simply subscribe to the RSS feed using the link along the left side of the item pages.
If you would like to be added to an email distribution listed, there is a "Subscribe to Newsletter" option at the lower left of each page.  I will use that list from time to time to send specific info on changes and additions to the site.  Please visit my Privacy Policy page for additional information.

For more info on purchasing items from the site, please visit the Terms page.

Please let me know of any issues you have with the site so that I may get them resolved as soon as possible.